galen-sings-templeburn2004.jpg Galen Brandt Sings at Burning Man....

Start with this video of a piece I wrote about Burning Man at a particularly Big Time on the planet. 
From virtual worlds (this was also my virtual keynote speech for a virtual worlds conference in Amsterdam) to the ultimate virtual world of Burning Man...ends with me singing over the temple burn. 


Pix of a wonderful event at Burning Man 2005 inspired by the tragedy of Katrina.  Led by Reverend Billy, a rag-tag band of us, including Joan Baez, hopped the big white temple bus and headed out to the temple, where we staged a sing-in raise-awareness-and-money-a-thon for Katrina victims.  We sang "When The Saints Come Marching In" for about a million zany years and raised a LOT of money.  Action Girl said later that it was her favorite-ever Burning Man event.  I'm, uh, the one in the purple hat. 


Said event also included Andie's father, an amazing piano player and singer.  He and I did a most impromptu duet
of "Wonderful World."  Here's the (very badly recorded) dusty mp3 and pictures:



Galen performing with Action Girl's Dad (4MB MP3)

A link to text with pictures from  "Burning Man, Burning Heart,"
a piece I wrote about My Very First Burning Man (yes, A Virgin Speaks!).

And finally, a visual assortment of sorts for your viewing pleasure....different years, same dust:



galen-playanight.jpg Image109.jpg galen-headdress.jpg
galen-rv1.jpg galen-pianoman.jpg galen-rv3.jpg





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